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Sex: Female,

Age: 12 Year,

Disease: Aplastic Anemia,

Hospital: Kalawati Saran Children’s hospital,


Baby Anjali is a 12 year old female child. Her father’s name is Subhash Chhari.The address is Jhumia Road , Ward No 13, village Ambhah. District Murena ( MP ). Her Mother’s name is Rekha. Her father has two daughter and one is 5 year old.

Baby Anjali is admitted in Kalawati Saran Children’s hospital since 5 December 2011. Her Registration no is 25615/5054.

She is suffering from Aplastic Anemia IN Unit – II. Her blood transfusion is being done and other medicines are being provided by the hospital. However she is suffering from infection and for that mentioned below antibiotic is required on daily basis. These drugs are not available in the hospital (letter attached). These medicines are required on daily basis

1. Telicoplanin 300 mg I.V. OD x 15 days

2. Voriconazole 120 mg I.V. BD x 15 days

Baby Anjali’s fathers is a peon in a private school in MP and earns very less to afford medicine expenses.