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Awareness can help prevent Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a common genetic disorder that is passed on from parents to children. Thalassemia major is the state in which the body is not able to produce the required amount of haemoglobin; thus, becomes dependent on blood of donor. Owing to this, blood transfusion is required to be done every 3-4 weeks all life. This condition not merely leads to financial and emotional stress for the family but also puts forth big challenge of arranging safe blood on regular basis. Basic knowledge about Thalassemia can prove helpful in preventing the disease.
The evolution in technology and medical advancements can help prevent the disease. Genetic screening and counseling assist in controlling the spread of Thalassemia. It is the responsibility of couples to get carrier status tested before planning a child. In case only one parent is a carrier of the thalassemia trait, the child may have a normal life, but when both are carriers then there is a possibility of thalassemic child being born. Hence, if every expecting mother is informed and asked to get the test done to know if she is a thalassemia carrier, the spread of disease could be curbed to a great extent.
Thalassemia cannot be cured through medicines but could surely be prevented. Hence, awareness about the prevention of Thalassemia needs to be spread at mass level to terminate its occurrence. The gynecologists and pathologists should be motivated to ensure the test of pregnant women be done before hand in order to curb the spread of disease.