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Baby Suparna

Sex: Female,

Age: 7 Year,

Disease: Heart Disease,

Hospital: AIIMS,

Baby Suparna is a 7 year old female child. Her mother’s name is Aparna and the address village aggaapur sector 41 noida. ( U P ). Aparna is a single mother and her husband had left her long time back.

Baby Suparna was first shown in AIIMS on 12/5/2010 when she was 5 year old. Now she is 7 year old. Registration number is CV10988/2010.

Baby Suparna’s mother is a house maid and her earning is very less. She is very poor and can not afford the cost of the surgery.

Baby Saparna is suffering from heart disease and requires early open heart surgery ( correction surgery TOF ). Her connsultant doctor are Dr Joseph and Dr Kothari.