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Relief India Trust empowering women

Harming the dignity of a woman, harassing her is the worst kind of crime mankind can commit. Relief India Trust firmly upholds that the self-esteem of a woman should be revered above all. With an alarming rise in the number of rape victims in Delhi, Relief India Trust is helping such victims get back control of their lives and earn back their lost sense of self-esteem.

Relief India Trust undertakes counseling sessions of anyone who has been a victim of sexual harassment. As sexual assault usually challenges a person emotionally more than physically, Relief India Trust takes this under consideration and many professional counselors have volunteered at the NGO to help such victims combat their circumstances.

Relief India Trust also helps victims of such assault in starting their lives over by providing them many career opportunities. It also provides them with a financial aid and accommodation, if need be.

The NGO also organizes self-defense campaigns for women wherein special training and tips are provided to women to be able to help themselves in case of any mishappening. The two-hour sessions run from 4 to 8 weekends during which taekwon1do experts teach quick self defence tips to women.

Relief India Trust is undertaking various steps to better the situation for women as it firmly believes in gender equality. The NGO has set an example for many others but also envisions a world where such remedial steps are not required in the first place because there exists no such crime.