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Relief India Trust makes friendship day special for kids

“Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies” – Aristotle

Now, kids might be too naïve to understand the meaning of this sentence said by great Aristotle, but they are not unfamiliar to the conveyed notion. Oblivious to Aristotle and his quotes, they are the ones who understand the underlying meaning most clearly. No one values their friendship as much as kids do. In fact a major part of their young life is spent in making friends. From sharing lunch to playing together, group studies to common punishments, a kid’s life has friendship as the central element. It’s no wonder that more than any other festival, kids look forward to celebrating the friendship day. They start saving their pocket money weeks before this special day to buy friendship bands and gifts for their friends. Knowing how much the friendship day meant for them, Relief India trust made sure it made this friendship day special for ‘special’ kids.

Relief India Trust made special arrangements for celebrating this friendship day with under privileged kids. Lots of kids, from our rehabilitation centers and otherwise, were made a part of this event on 2nd August 2015. Various goodies and gift items were distributed among them. The kids were more than happy to be a part of this celebration. They had a complete ball, made new friends, strengthened their bonds with old friends and went back with big smiles on their face. There is nothing more peaceful in this world than making a kid smile. The feeling was blissful.

These kids, who generally face a tough time making friends, were more than ecstatic at the celebration. The affection among them was mutual.  Friendship had united them. The kids didn’t care about how rich or poor, healthy or different the other kid was for all that mattered to them was the bond of friendship. These are the occasions when these innocent souls remind us adults of how skeptical we have become in our lives. We have ceased to look beyond that façade and delve deeper in to the recess of our hearts. Relief India Trust urges people to value friendship as the biggest bond and nurture it.