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best NGO in India

Relief India Trust is the best NGO in India for helping in the survival of poor people. Our organization strives to help poor people in difficult times. We work to reduce inequality in society for development. All of us must have observed that the rich are getting rich and the poor are getting poorer. Some people are living their lives lavishly and some are fighting for the basic meals. We support those who cannot even afford the basic requirements of living. They do not have homes to live, jobs to earn, food to eat, hospitals for health checkups, etc.

How unfortunate is this? Where a part of society is loaded with everything and some are barely surviving. The destitute need more clothing, food, education, and medical services. To be unfortunate means to be deprived economically, strategically, and socially. They hardly get potentially open doors. They have inadequate nutrition, a wide range of diseases, and low access to medical services. No one can make such persons rich. Yet basically can help them to fulfill the basic principles of life and have a prosperous existence. Helping the destitute people is a noble cause. It is indeed an honorable undertaking to focus on and help the poor people and destitute.

The more you provide for the destitute, the more you strengthen their dependence. If you provide them with opportunities, you will see an improvement in their lives. Build another framework based on dependencies that motivates them to work. And move forward and maintain their respect and earn money. We as the best NGO in India try to supply every necessity to the people living in slums. 

How do we as the best NGO in India help the people living in extreme poverty?

  1. Donate groceries/Eatables

Our NGO distributes free monthly rations and free cooked food in the slums. We provide nutritious food to the poor. Providing basic food items can help in fulfilling the sufferings of the poor and needy people. They couldn’t manage the cost of eating a one-time meal for themselves and their families. So providing food would fill their stomachs and stay solid. It is better to give food to the poor than to throw it away or waste it.

  1. Collection Drives

One can help the poor and needy persons by conducting collection drives. Like food, clothing, books, covers, and various needs. These collection drives are conducted at schools, and offices, for needy persons. This is the simplest way to help poor people and destitute persons.

  1. Education

As the best NGO in India providing food education is also important. Education helps poor and needy people to stand on their feet for survival. Education is the beginning of getting out of life’s difficulties. Providing free education to children helps them to grow as people and helps them to survive better. Education can help them find a new line of work, get used to the business, and progress. They can have the ability to take care of issues and have an effective existence.


You too can donate or volunteer to us to contribute to the country’s development. For detailed information, visit our website. You can get daily updates from our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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