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The Relief India Trust is an NGO in India in Delhi. The principal objective of our trust is to coordinate measures of help and recovery in misfortunes and cataclysms.  The Relief India Trust creates awareness about dangerous infections like AIDS/HIV, Cancer by setting up various camps in different areas in Delhi NCR.  We run free-of-cost clinical camps in provincial areas, ghettos, and cities for helpless youth and the poor. Apart from this, we provide financial help to deal with the disaster. 

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All the support and impact needed to the crises associated with AIDS and HIV are offered by our NGO. For workplaces in the private sector, law-making bodies of horticultural countries, we provide support.  Also for non-governmental affiliations, the Trust provides working-class support in the same way. The Trust also plans to direct food distribution in slums.

We also survey the entirety of HIV and AIDS evasion. We provide sponsorship and care sequences, and account for the organization of records and the results of the undertakings.

The Relief India Trust an NGO in India coordinates a lot of didactic material for children’s work at different levels (according to their age and learning level) and texts for banned associations in the general population. The Relief India Trust enhances its editorial practices. By restricting the functioning of village education committees, self-awareness, social programs. CBOs to open doors to children, the potential of energetic adult, youth. And motivates regular youth to take an Interest in all inspired Capability programs.

Relief India Trust

Relief India trust has upheld a huge number of families in their medicines. With eye problems, instruction, and in giving restoration habitats to individuals. Various denied individuals are dealing with issues in gathering their everyday fundamental necessities. We are there and help these children. We try to provide every possible support to these needy. But, without your support ‘this could not be possible.

You can support these children and families in the form of Followings. Education, health-giving food, medical supplies, clothes which will promote the public welfare. Convince yourself every day that you are worthy of a good life, let go of stress, breathe. We encourage these kids to live a happy life. Your support can save the lives of millions and if not millions then definitely to one. A lot of elderly people are forced to live on the roads. Our NGO provides them accommodation, food, and medicines so that they got safe. We have rescued so many children who are begging and living on railway track picking up garbage and earning them. We are promised to do this Nobel work in the upcoming future too. 

There are many NGO in India working for the poor’s and old people, but Relief India Trust works on holistic development of society. We believe that developing alone might be good for you, but not for the society you want to live in. Do donate and encourage people to do the same. Donation creates a manner of saving money and spending on right time at the right place. You can see our solved and updated cases on our official website. For further detailed information and donations. Does share our work on your social media account like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn