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Top NGO in India


Relief India Trust a Top NGO in India came forward and helped the people in the situation of COVID. The outbreak of covid-19 has impacted the lives of many people living in our society. Millions of deaths take place due to the impact of the corona virus. This is the time when not only India but also the whole world was suffering from the outbreak of covid-19. Globally, approx 3.9 million people died due to Covid, and millions were pushed to live in poverty. 

The Relief India Trust is trying to tackle the situation of poverty and hunger. For which we are running multiple initiatives. Like for reducing hunger from society, we distribute cooked foods in the slums. Under an initiative named “Feed Needy India Program,” we distribute food to the needy. On a day we feed at least 4000-5000 people and families living in slums. For tackling poverty our organization provides free-of-cost education facilities. Providing the children’s education will help them in developing their skills. 

Education plays an important factor in reducing hunger as it brings skill to the life of a person. When a person gets skilled he/she can earn for themselves. Our volunteers make them learn the skills so that they become financially independent. Becoming financially independent can lead them to a better future and better survival. Bringing them out from the circle of poverty can help them in making their future better. Relief a Top NGO in India helps these children and families and brings the best out of them. 

Covid-19 Impact on poverty and hunger in India & How Relief India Trust a Top NGO in India supported them?

The Covid wave has strike our economy several times. This leads to an increase in unemployment in our country. We are struggling hard to provide the poor a happy life. Contrary to this, situations like Covid create an obstacle to help them. Without a doubt, our charitable organization helps people in their bad times. 

The covid-19 has devastated the lives of people living in slum areas. Some of them have lost their jobs during pandemics. As in slums mostly the people belong to the labor class and work on minimum wages. These people hardly make 150 rupees a day and this is the reason they are not able to pay for their expenses. Our non-profit organization helps them in getting their daily needs. 

Relief India Trust helps these families by providing medical aid. During Covid, this section suffered the most because of the lack of resources as a result we lost many lives. We provided them with the medicines, vitamin capsules, and safety kits. The safety kits include masks, gloves, sanitizers, and hand wash. 

The digits of poor people have increased in India due to the pandemic of Covid-19. It has increased by 7.5 crore due to the Covid pandemic. We try to help these families by providing them with some sort of basic necessity. 


We are the Top NGO in India because of our quality service for human welfare. Our Organization strives to support such families and children by helping them. You can visit our website for further details

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