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Current Situation of Slum-Dwellers in Delhi| Relief India Trust

Relief India Trust Foundation

Relief India Trust is working for the welfare of hopeless and homeless people. We provide our kind assistance to oppressed youth and families. The Relief India Trust is one of the most popular NGOs in India. That works for the upliftment of the most vulnerable section. The Relief India Trust is working for the holistic development of youth. People are the most complex animals on earth. People in slums are struggling for their good life like animals. 

We are providing them with sustainable growth to uplift their standard of living. Our NGO is conducting many activities to help the poor in their betterment. Some of the key focus areas will be discussed in this blog. But before making you aware of the quality have a look at current statistics of poor families. 

  • There are about 750 big and small slums in Delhi.
  • At least 3,50,000 families and 20,00,000 lakh people living on them. 
  • In which 45% of these households have 4-5 members, 22% have 6-8 members and 5% have more than9 members. 
  • AndrewsGanj(South Delhi), Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi/NCR are the areas where we provide support. There are many poor people in the slums. Here the population of more than lakhs people and spread over an area of just one kilometer. 

They face many problems while living in slums. Relief India Trust is trying to reduce all these problems. 

Key focus area discussed by Relief India Trust as a problem faced by Slum-Dwellers

1) Food Distribution

There is 21% of adults are undernourished, and 15% show a tendency to be overweight. About 33% lakh children in India are suffering from malnutrition. So, this is clear that it is a long way that we had to fight hunger and poverty. Through our ongoing “Feed Needy India” Program, we help them in fighting with hunger. 

Families of slums wait for food distribution as they are unable to arrange meals on their own. During Covid volunteers with every precaution visited slums to provide them with monthly ration. They were unable to acquire the required quantity of food and nutrients. Hence that becomes important for us to help them. 

2) Educational Assistance

The only tool which can help them in uplifting their condition. In India 1.4 million schools and 7.7 million Teachers are available. But still, 29% of children drop out before completing five years of primary schooling. 43% of children drop out before finishing upper primary school. The high school completion rate is only 42%. The literacy rate in Delhi slums is 56% with dropout rates from classes I-X at 46%. Enrollment in Higher Education between the age group of 18-23 is 45%. 

According to the Delhi Government educational quality is a major concern in slums. The report shows that children are not qualifying class-appropriate learning levels. Here Relief India Trust NGO comes forward by educating them in slums. We camp and teach children so that they can educate themselves. 

3) Financial Access

Out of the total slum population, only 53% uses banking facility. This happens mostly due to the lack of documents needed to open a bank account. Most slum-dwellers are self-employed or work in the formal sector. Where they hardly earn their livelihood. Among all only 28% can get a bank loan and the rest rely on moneylenders. This often brings a lot of interest burden on their shoulders. 

The Relief India Trust NGO supports them by making them self-dependent. We make them skillful by teaching them skills like 

  1. a) Painting

b) Crafting

  1. c) Beautician and

d) Tailoring.

Along with that, we educate their child to brighten their children future. There are many more problems that these people are facing daily. We are trying to become their helping hands for their better survival. Fortunately, our initiatives are bringing positive changes into their lives and our society. 

Whatever we had done till date is available on our website you can visit there for a detailed survey  For daily updates, you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


In this Blog, you will get to know about the Relief India Trust NGO. How many problems are being faced by the hopeless and homeless slum-dwellers? How badly they are fighting for their survival? What is the current status of their poverty and helplessness in Delhi? What are the current views of the Delhi Government on the life quality of people living in slums? You will also get to know how the Relief India Trust NGO came forward to help them in their survival. Here is a brief conclusion of the Blog. We have given you the link to where you can either volunteer or donate to us. Donating is an act of generosity. Your generosity shows your upbringing. Come forward to help in uplifting their upbringing. Let’s give a new hope into their lives by helping them in their survival. We are trying to serve as many as possible. But, without your support and contribution, this will never happen.


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