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Charitable Giving

Charitable giving means to give something of your unused to someone in need. Doing charity does not ask for anything in return. When we help the people they feel very happy and in return, they give us their blessings. Relief charitable giving provides necessary products and services to the needy. We provide all the services which they need on a daily basis. Relief India Trust is a registered non-governmental organization working 24*7 for people in need. The goal of our trust is to provide primary, secondary, and high-level education to the poor.

Relief India Trust had supported many children and families during Covid. We had supplied every necessary item for their better survival. Helping the person in need matters the most. Don’t go with our words. First, you donate then you realize on your own that it gives pleasure. About 20 crores Indian population sleeps hungry stomach. This is the time when we realized the situation and came up with the initiative “Feed Needy India Program”. Our NGO is working for the underprivileged sections to give them a better life.

What We do as an NGO?

We had helped many families and helped them in treating OPD cases and also Open heart surgery. We create awareness among the people, about deadly diseases, HIV/Aids, and Cancer. Our NGO had arranged medicines and injections to hospitals in need. We provide free of cost medical help in rural areas. During the pandemic, we had provided monthly rations to the families. Because most of the family belongs to a very low-income group. They are not able to buy the daily necessity for their survival.

The Relief charitable giving provides accommodation to the poor. Charitable giving creates a habit of donating which will impact the lives of the needy. We know Covid has devastated the lives of many peoples. Many people have concerned about whether the donation they are doing is being used in right place or not. We are helping the poor in need and providing them with a better standard of living. Relief India Trust had adopted various suitable programs to rehabilitate the children. Along with protecting children, we to focus on saving our environment.

Relief charitable giving believes in the holistic development of an individual. We provide various opportunities so that every child understands their potential. Making these children literate and skilled is the key to giving this country a better future. You can volunteer with us at any point in time. If not, then do donate to us. Help us in bringing some relief to their lives. We wish to help the persons in need in the future too. Our NGO is thankful to every volunteer for contributing so much to society. Your work is helping us and the needy to grow better.

You can visit our website for detailed information You can donate to us at {}. Share our work on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you have any issue or suggestion, you can call us on our toll-free number 0120 425 8313

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