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The heart is the most important organ in the human body. It is very essential to keep your overall health good along with your heart. When we talk about overall health people get their mind on building muscles or flexing muscles (flexing biceps), but it is about how healthy you are?

We all know what a heartbeat feels like. But do you know what exactly Open-heart Surgery is?

Here is an overview of open-heart surgery. Open-heart surgery is a process where the chest is cut open and surgery is performed by doctors on muscles, arteries, and valves of the heart. Bypass grafting is a common type of heart surgery done on patients. Throughout the surgery, a healthy vein is attached to the blocked coronary artery. Today, with the help of the latest technology many other heart surgeries get performed by small incisions and not wide openings. Open-heart surgery is the most common heart surgery in today’s tradition.

Relief India Trust came in contact with such a case, where a girl named Miss. Nikita Pawar, daughter of Mr. Dhodhi Ram Pawar needs to undergo open-heart surgery (conduit change)(changing of tubes to redirect blood flow). The cost of surgery was approximately Rs. 4, 00,000/-. Open heart surgery is a critical process as it evolves a lot of risks to the patient’s life. In this process, if the patient tries to let go of the condition carelessly he/she might get a heart attack because the arteries will stop the flow of blood. This increases the chance of the Death of the patient.

Relief India Trust received a letter from her father where he had discussed her daughter’s heart condition as well as the financial problem of their family, that they cannot afford her surgery. Just have a look at the application written by her father Mr. Dhodhi Ram Pawar.

Case study App. latter

Relief India Trust always works for marginalized sections of people to help them in their bad times. Relief India Trust already had helped her some years back; we received a letter from her father in 2012 and provided her Rs. 2, 80,000/- and now once again they needed our help for RS. 4, 00,000/-. 

Her father had requested our organization to help him in her daughter’s treatment so our trust provided them urgent financial support for the operation as that could have done her permanent damage. The hospital where Nikita’s treatment is ongoing is Indraprastha Apollo Hospital at Sarita Vihar.  

After completing every hospital formalities Nikita gets an appointment for the surgery. The good news is that her operation is successful and now she is recovering well. She (Nikita) is under the doctor’s supervision. The doctor had advised Nikita to avoid heavy work (running, skipping, jumping, etc) as she has been treated for open-heart surgery (conduit repair). Relief India Trust believes in saving mankind and provides a helping hand. In the era of self-centered people, Relief India Trust always works for these kids and their families to give them a bright future to bring relief in their lives, as they are struggling hard to meet their daily necessities. 

Nikita’s father was very worried about his finances and his daughter’s health but our Volunteers supported their family in every possible way Relief India Trust could have, whether it’s emotionally, socially, or financially. Relief India Trust tries to help poor people from every end but without your support, this could not have happened. You kept supporting us, Relief India Trust is thankful to all their donors and their volunteers for the strength of our organization. 


Relief India Trust is thankful to every staff including the doctors of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.  During the whole procedure of surgery, the members of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital were cooperative. From the pleasant lady at the reception to doctors, their concern for each patient is genuine.  The hospital also provided an appreciation letter for our charitable work.

Nikita Letter-Appreciation Letter (1)

Relief India Trust wishes Nikita to live a happy, healthy, and long life. Take care at the suggestion of the doctors. Be available to the doctors whenever calls you for a checkup appointment. For more case studies do visit our website


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