Relief India Trust

Love and thoughtfulness are rarely squandered. They generally have an effect. They favor one of who gets them, and they favor you, the provider. Relief India Trust was established in 2011 and registered under sections 12 (A) and 80 (G) of Income Tax Act, 1961, Govt. of India. In today’s era where people are self-centered Relief India strives for the betterment of society through Relief donations. We serve underprivileged people and their families. 

Relief Donations


The Relief India Trust supports underprivileged children by getting financial support in terms of relief donations. We provide complete care and protection of human rights for the poor section people. Relief India Trust believes in transparency towards their work. Relief India is thankful towards their donors for believing, supporting, and raising funds to provide services to the marginalized section people, for their better future. 

Donation creates a habit of saving and promotes your family, friends, and known to do the same. Helping each other in their hard times is the main goal of our organization. Relief donations appreciate your offering and the sacrifices which you are doing for others’ welfare. It does not matter what is the form of your support whether it is in the form of cash or the form of products and services relief donations are thankful for every donation happening.

Through Relief donations we have saved lots of lives. One of the recent cases is of Nikita Pawar who urgently needed Open-Heart surgery which is supported by us. You can see the case study on our website

Relief India Trust provides the basic necessary things to the needy for Relief donations in the form of food, shelter, education, clothes, medicines, etc. Most of the people during a pandemic lost their savings in medications, so we use to provide health kits, counseling on hygiene and sanitization. We will greatly appreciate your donations it matters so much for these children and women. Relief India Trust strives to help people at the maximum number possible. 

Donation seems like a gift to the needy and helps an organization that initiates to provide resources for marginalized people. Help others in need and experience more pleasure. The donation also helps in tax deduction. Help us so that we feed the poor families to survive. We not only provide physical aid but also economical help. We provide social, physical, and economical rehabilitation centers to the needy. 

The Relief India Trust continues to empower children and poor communities to bring literacy and skillful knowledge. We empower people to fight against social injustice. Although it is not possible to support every person of the marginalized group with your support we together can make this country a better place to live where no one is judged on their income. 

Helping humans is the key to bringing changes in society and also to making people self-sufficient for their expenses. You can visit our website for donations and further happy stories. Do share our work on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, INSTAGRAM, and LinkedIn. Relief India Trust, a non-government charity organization plays a huge role to make this world better through spreading kindness among deprived people.