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Is Relief India Trust Fake Organization? Why People Don’t Believe in Helping Hands

Relief India Trust Fake

Whenever there is a major setback or imbalance in the sector, an NGO steps in to lend a helping hand. Despite our best efforts, we continue to hear Is Relief India Trust Fake?

Relief India Trust always facilitates a better quality of life and education for the sensible class. Is this a fair way to treat an NGO? How can you question someone’s dignity while having a proper understanding of the facts? The Relief India Trust has been labelled as a forgery.

We know it’s human physiology that helping people for free always looks the wrong way. We believe in kindness. It’s better to give than to receive. Yes, we agree that we ask for help and let you come forward for the initiative.

But, we never threaten anyone or are forced to donate. We believe kindness is something that comes from the heart and genuine feelings. Anyone who claims Relief India Trust Fake has to wonder why a scammer would be concerned with feeding others on a daily basis.

After all this initiative, why are such things still on your minds? If you think giving is not justified for the cause, no problem, in that you can also donate clothes and other stuff to the needy. We have been transparent with our donors.

Why do people always perceive an NGO as a scammer simply because they asked for help? Sometimes we face funding shortages, and the condition of our patience sometimes worsens, and we are on the death bed.

When you write some rude and insulting comments, this makes us reconsider: are we doing this just to get a bad reputation?

We are a non-governmental organization. This in itself says many things. We are not using your money for personal benefit. It’s not a moneymaking business.

Here are some examples of how Prove Relief India Trust Fake is not a fake statement.

Here, you can see we cook food for the unprivileged children in our kitchens with safety measured according to guidelines. On October 22nd and 24th, 2022, in the slum area of Srinivas Puri, we distributed food, bags, juice, and sweets to make their Diwali or Deepawali memorable and exciting. See the innocent, the happy faces, and the satisfaction we are getting over this.

After this, you still think we are not an authentic organization. Here, there are many people who volunteer with us without complaining and questioning our intentions towards the unprivileged section, and we also do monthly healing to give a better life.

We have a program for rehabilitation and natural calamities. To provide awareness about slum area, children’s education, To provide awareness about slum area, children’s education, protection, and promotion of environmentally friendly activities.

We also have a rehabilitation center. We have a doctor’s panel and visiting staff as well. In our special education program, we observe and give them an opportunity to explore their talents.

Highlighting Some Initiatives of Relief India Trust

Clothes Distribution Program

We have distributed free-of-cost clothes, blankets,etc. You can visit our website, Relief India Trust. Where you get all the proof of whether we utilize money for the same cause or not. Giving an underprivileged person a pair of clothes is the same as dressing him with dignity.

We organize clothing distribution camps in slums, orphanages, and nursing homes. We care deeply about the homeless as an organization and believe that no one should go without clothing. In order to achieve this goal, we distribute usable clothing to the poorest of the poor, including children, women, and men of all ages.

Free Access to Medicine

In the relief program, many poor and needy people provided free medical facilities. The Noida health care NGO is constantly scouting the people who live here and even providing them with basic healthcare treatments and medicines.

Aids and HIV Relief:

A wide range of AIDs and HIV support program are available. The NGO designs, evaluates, and manages comprehensive HIV prevention, support, and care programs in terms of financial management and program outcomes. Other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments of developing countries, and private-sector organizations are given the necessary managerial and technical assistance, as well as training.

During COVID, a Messiah

During natural disasters, crisis situations, extreme weather conditions, and so on. The Relief India Trust has been at the forefront of providing immediate relief materials and aid to the needy. As India was struggling to stay afloat in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, many families and people were struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis.

Relief India Trust was standing firm in the face of the global healthcare crisis posed by the coronavirus, assisting numerous families throughout the Delhi-NCR Region with daily necessities, rations, and health aid requirements to combat the coronavirus.

 Even if you don’t think that the Relief India Trust a fake is a myth, you can work as a volunteer with us. It is not the effort of a single person, but the joint efforts of volunteers.

Nothing can be accomplished in isolation. All of Relief India Trust’s campaigns come under a variety of schemes under a single umbrella. The volunteer services that can be provided are extremely versatile.

There are no set working hours for those interested in working for the trust. Services can be rendered in accordance with time constraints.

Regular orientation gatherings are held for volunteers. Volunteers who want to learn more can learn more about the services provided by Relief India Trust during the sessions.

A volunteer can make a lasting difference in the lives of kids, deal with the root of kid’s rights violations, and hold the government accountable for kids’ rights when necessary.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the Relief India Trust those who want to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged, physically and intellectually impaired children.

The Volunteer Actions Coordinators situated in the city or the closest city should interact if a volunteer wants in providing services at the Relief India Trust.


Remember, you are not doing any favors by offering help to these sections of society, nor are you obliged to do so. But think of them and put yourself in their shoes. If you can’t help them, at least don’t make a mockery of their needs and the people who are helping them. 

As a society, it’s your responsibility to provide them with a safe environment. They are not a burden on society; rather, they are part of this society. Think about the time when their dreams will get fulfill. We don’t know how other people see them, but we definitely see them as our family members. If you feel like not donating, it’s fine, but don’t raise a finger on others efforts.

Relief India Trust Fake is an irrelevant statement made by many miscreants who believe they are not part of society. Our constitution itself states that all are equal in the eye of the law and provides equal opportunity to all citizens without any discrimination on the basis of caste,colour or religion. 

Are they so demanding of you? The answer is no. Can you treat them like a family member? Treat them like your brother or sister. We fully believe that NGOs need collaboration and donations for their work. Think about the blessing and relief you will get .We would love to thank and appreciate everyone who donated and will appeal to them to continue donating to the cause.

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