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NGO Relief unconditional support to poor families for their survival

NGO Relief

Relief India Trust is busy providing many services in slums. NGO Relief support families living in ghettos who are completely homeless and hopeless. We try to bring some sort of hope and happiness into their lives. Somehow, we are successful, but we have to fight a long battle for the fulfillment of our goals. 

Through our previous Blogs and Articles, we hope you are aware of our work. 

Let’s have a quick brief about our work before going through the article. 

NGO Relief support families with several services like: –

  • Cooked Food / Monthly Ration
  • Wearable Clothes
  • Education / Educational support
  • Medical support
  • Development of various skills
  • Rehabilitation center for abandoned kids
  • Self-defense training

These are the basic services provided by NGO Relief. Our NGO plays an important role in the upliftment of poor society. They are dependent on someone else for survival. 

Helping them is necessary as they are an unbreakable part of our society. Upliftment of every single individual is necessary for the upliftment of the Nation.

This article will tell you about the basic habits to improve your standard of living: –

How to improve your standard of living?

Does it happen that you feel frustrated daily?

Well, this happens with everyone at a certain point in the day. So here we are with some amazing points to help you out. 

Focus on Eating Well

If you want to want to improve your standard of living then the first thing you must take care of is your nutrition. 

You have to cut bad habits and form good habits. Easier said than done, right? 

Well, we have a good, simple suggestion that can be easily followed. 

Have an adequate number of proteins, carbs, fats, and fiber in your diet. Divide your plate into 4 parts where the biggest part is proteins, the second with fibers like salads. The third one should be a good source of fat like Ghee, butter, nuts, etc.

Lastly, the part of carbohydrates varies from person to person. Depending on the need eat it. Do not exempt it from your diet as it is the best source to provide energy for your body. 

Well, this is for people who have access to food. But what for those who are dying for one time meal a day?

So, for them, NGO Relief takes a step in the form of the “Feed Needy India program” where we feed thousands of families. This helps them in fighting with hunger and build immunity.

Practice Personal Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is as important as good food consumption. 

How do you feel when someone came up to you and you are stinking like fish??  


Friends show up at your home and they see a messy uncleaned and smelly dustbin?

In both scenarios, you will end up with bad reactions. Whether they say it or not you can feel it on their faces.

Personal hygiene is not only cleaning your body, but also the place you live. It creates a good impression on the person next to you or that comes to you. 

But this somehow changes for slum-dwellers. They live in extreme untidiness. You must have crossed a slum in your life. What do you feel? Do you feel? Do you want to stay there or just ran away from that place? 

Most people, try to cover that distance as soon as possible. Why? Because of the smell, untidiness and water clot everywhere.

NGO Relief support women in the slum by providing them with their necessities. We provide them with sanitary pads and Vitamin Capsules that are helpful to them. 

Identify what makes you happy

Staying happy is the biggest gift you can gift to your soul and body. Happiness boosts your level of energy. 

Whatever you are doing and doing it just for the sake of completing it will not make you happy. Whatever work you are doing do it by taking interest in it. That will make you feel happy for sure.

This applies to those who have plenty of options and a good source of income. But what about those who are bound to work as labor?

Poor family members are very less educated. They lack technological skills. With our technological skills, they cannot get a job in well-reputed companies. They are bound to work as laborers. Does not matter what the weather is you can see them working under the sun, in heavy rains, and even in extreme fog. 

Our NGO Relief help in providing skills like Tailoring, Painting, and computer courses. This gives them skills, self-independence, and moneymaking.

Exercise regular

Regular exercising is beneficial for every human living on the earth. Exercise does not only means going to the gym. Of course, if you can have that time and money, you can go, but simple yoga practice can also help you a lot. 

Studies have revealed that exercise has a good impact on maintaining a healthy body and mind. Hence, we suggest you exercise daily and make it your lifestyle. 

You must have seen people following the fashion of celebrities nowadays. But they forget how hard they train to keep themselves fit and healthy. All these fitness and maintaining a good lifestyle for getting work. If you want to support your family first you have to maintain your health. This can be done with good food and exercise. 

This is for them who can access a good life. But the poor families cannot even think of living like this. Our NGO helps them by teaching them YOGA. We visit the schools and sometimes in the slums and then practice YOGA. 


Through our articles and blogs, we always keep you updated and aware of important topics. We hope you like the work done by NGO Relief. It is important to maintain a healthy life for boosting your standard of living.

We have supported many families and that is displayed on our website. You can visit our website at  You can also follow our page on social media sites. We are available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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