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NGO services in Delhi NCR | Services Relief India Trust Provides

NGO Services in Delhi NCR

The Relief India Trust is a nongovernmental organization for the people in difficult situations. We provide NGO services in Delhi NCR for the underprivileged children and their families. The Relief India Trust provides Schooling. We also provide recovery focus food,medication and clinical guides, Moral help and directing, free review material, free transportation service. Relief India tries to provide best NGO services in Delhi NCR for these disabled kids. Our Organization provides NGO services in Delhi NCR since 2011 to help the physically challenged children.


We provide medical services to these children and financial support to their families. The principle undertakings of NGOs in the well-being framework. And are offering types of assistance and well-being backing. Arrangement of administrations incorporates clinical, social and mental administrations. As well as, coordination exercises, care and nursing. Material and monetary help, instruction and data administrations and preparing.

Educational and other important support to women

Relief India Trust supports women empowerment and their education. As educating a girl child impacts the whole member of the family. Making financially and physically capable is the key to empower them. Educating girl child will self-esteem them. To make their own choices and influence the right choices. And contribute to the welfare of society along with themselves.

Our NGO aware society about Thalassemia. An inherent disorder of Hemoglobin where the patient needs blood transfusion. In minimum 2 and maximum 3 weeks.  If he/she does not get the blood transfusion it would be death dealing. This can be a hereditary transmission from the parent’s body to the child. It can be transferred through any type of contact. Our NGO provides one of the best services in Delhi NCR. By making these children availability of blood to various hospitals free of cost. We provide medicines and injections to hospitals. Patients suffering from Thalassemia cannot grow normally. And if they suffer from bone deformities, then they may die before completion of 10 years.

NGO services in Delhi NCR

The principle undertakings of NGOs in the wellbeing framework. We are offering types of assistance and wellbeing backing. Arrangement of administrations incorporates

  • clinical,
  • social, and
  • mental administrations

As well as, coordination exercises, care, and nursing, material. We also provide  monetary help, instruction and preparing.

Our trust distributed Blankets among the poor’s to make them safe from the chilling cold. The percentage of deaths by heart attack increase in winters. Because the temperature drops and it affects human body blood vessels. When we distribute food, clothes or any other supply to the needy they giggle. We see in their eyes are valuable.

The Relief India Trust has supported millions of families in their treatments. Like eye disorders, education, and in providing rehabilitation centers to the people. There are a number of deprived people. Who are facing problems in meeting their day to day basic needs. Volunteers reach out there and help these kids. We know this is not possible with one hand. We definitely need your support for our initiatives in helping out these deprived kids and their families.

Relief India Trust urges their donors to give us continues support. So that we continue to support these children to fight against disability. And make them self dependent. Each voice counts while crusading to affect adolescents’ lives. States can be impacted and for building appraisal. People in general engaging ought to be conceivable in the most surprising way. Every individual could do their piece by recognizing kids who don’t go to class. That as a result of non appearance of educators. Volunteers can voice their advantage for new instructor selection. Whether or not it suggests arriving at experts inside the public power.


We safeguard the environment from global warming as we plan trees to enhance civil society role. We had provided fresh drinking water to the villages. Our NGO runs several camps in Delhi NCR and nearby areas. To help these needy, we try to improve our services from your requirement and reviews.

Our volunteers feel proud being part of our trust. These kids are family for us. We cry with them, feed them. We support them in improving themselves to become better versions in their life. The NGO has decided to do this in the upcoming future by adding more such initiatives. You can read further more blogs on our website and do leave comments for better scope of improvement. Share your ideas. Donate us. And do share our work on your Instagram, Facebook, etc.