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NGO Relief: A Voice for Adolescent Girls to Step Out

NGO Relief

Educating, liberating, and preparing girls for careers will give them the confidence to take risks and bring about positive change in their lives. NGOs Relief is continuously working for slum girls. To embark on a journey of learning and leadership by learning the problem of child marriage, sexual abuse, gender inequality, and gender violence. In this blog, we will inform you of all the initiatives and steps taken to improve people’s lives. 

The best tool to let them step out through education. However, we can also have several innovative ways to reach out the message to the target group to make them aware about sexual harassment, reproductive rights and many more.

Many girls are getting married or forced at early age due to family pressure or many other possible reasons. These girls isolate themselves and refuse to ask for assistance. They suffer in silence and are terrified of approaching others for fear of being shunned or accused of betraying family trust and honor. Additionally, they have no idea who to contact or where to go for particular services. Our NGOs, relief provides guidance and support to them.

In past view years we have opportunity to meet many remarkable girls who uplift their live with few words of encouragement. NGOs relief raised the standard and committed to helping them make decisions that will improve not only their futures, but also the chances for their entire family.

NGOs Relief Shaping Future of Adolescent Girls

Every one of their tales has been excellent. I have personally learned a great deal about grace, perseverance, and dedication from it. As they decide to design their own lives, their simplicity comes through. It has been so rewarding to educate them. It has in many ways made it easier for ngos relief and the team to develop faith in magic and recoveries.

Our NGO more focused to achieve sustainable growth, development 2030 to live with dignity and hope everyone’s dream come true. As of estimation   by 2030 adolescence girl have a important portion in every area.

Given that girls under 18 make up nearly one third of India’s population, targeting age group has proven to be wise. Dramatic can be achieved by giving them the confidence, self-belief, and tools/skills to move forward. Girls have achieved things that were previously unthinkable.

We try to give them an advantage over others in society because they have the potential to be leaders and innovators; however, they must realize their potential, which NGOs assist them in doing with adequate resources. Many of them will have family, but there are many who will be left behind without any helping hands.

When we give ladies an opportunity to lead, they sparkle effervescently, as we know for a fact and have witnessed firsthand. Adolescent girls learn  about sexual and reproductive health, family life and planning, and self-defense as part of each of our programs.In tailored to local context to maximize value from gender equality and justice.

 We support the 2015-launched “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” campaign. The national government to empower girls. Our strategy is to unite with local group ,  organizations, women’s self-help groups, community-based health workers, government employees.  While working in India’s slums and hard-to-reach villages.

NGOs Relief Shares Stats of Adolescence girl situation in India

A teenage girl who is strong on her feet, and capable of making all of her life’s decisions and choices. Education make her more aware and knowledgeable about child health care.   

NGOs Relief gone through many researches and found out that adolescence girls suffer from malnutrition the most. Malnutrition deficiency causes weaker ability to give birth to child and make them susceptible to infections. A good health of girl will led you to a prosperous future for her and for the society. India has maximum no. of adolescence i.e .Around 253 million. However, both adolescent girls and boys in India are in bad condition.  Adolescent’s girls exposed to the very different layer of vulnerability due many social things . This turns down them to move freely and make decisions. 

The dropout rate among girls before end of secondary school is 43% due to several reasons. These are distance from school, lack of finance, good sanitation facilities in school. Girls’ lives are drastically disrupted  menstruation in many cultures. In India, at least 42% of girls prefer using cloth sanitary napkins to disposable ones.

Conceiving at a younger age is a health risk to her related to maternal and infant disease. When it comes to facts and figures, girls between the ages of 15 and 19 have begun in rural areas. As compared to 5% in urban areas. Babies born to an adolescent mother are at a risk of stunted in early childhood. This further leads to cognitive and physical deficits in young children and reduces productivity in adults.


NGOs Relief is to create social policy that best aids in the transition of adolescences to adulthood. Some examples include providing information on market opportunities, incorporating technology for a better transition to the workforce, and connecting training programs to real employment opportunities. These regulations would also shield young people from harmful influences, including child labour, child marriage,etc..

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