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Relief India Trust Transportation Facility

Relief India Trust provides free transportation for the disabled children in Delhi-NCR to its Rehabilitation center

Relief India Trust and NGO, not only conducts blood donation camps, free health checkups but they also provide education to the poor, lifting up the life of the rural people and taking all sorts of efforts to eradicate illiteracy. At present they are more involved with disabled children all over India. The trust provides free transportation for the disabled children in Delhi-NCR to its rehabilitation centers. The trust has a fleet of buses and vans to transport the disabled children. There are other private organizations who partner the Relief India Trust in providing special vehicles that can provide comfort to the disabled children who need special seating arrangement.

There are volunteers, both men and women, who accompany each disabled child in the vehicle to the rehabilitation centers and back to Delhi NCR. They spend the entire day with the children at the centre where certain disabled children are fed and taken care of. The organization gets its funds from huge companies and even private individuals who generously donate to the organization at regular intervals. There are shows and events organized and the collection of which is donated to the organization. The trust is in its peak developing stage and is spread all over India.

There are parents of the disabled children who have voluntarily formed a pool by utilizing their personal vehicles on weekly basis to transport the children to and from the rehabilitation centre. Thus families who can afford have given donation to the Relief India Trust to provide more transportation to help the children. None of the disabled children have to pay for the transportation charges.