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Relief India Trust Best NGOs in India on Safer Internet Day

best NGOs in India

 The modern era is the Internet era, and life without it is unimaginable. Somehow, we are all fully dependent on it for 24 hours a day due to its advanced technology and science. This allows us to connect people all over the world; we all know about the positive aspects of surfing, but there are many negative consequences when it is used incorrectly. Today, on the day of Safer Internet Day,Relief India Trust, the best NGOs in India, will discuss all about why safer internet celebrations take place.

Technology always has a good and bad impact on people. Where there is an increase in the rate of usage, similarly, the channel is receiving a lot of negativity due to its safety policy and increasing threat to users and non-users alike. Many cases of cyber bullying, pornography, cyber theft, internet addiction, and other crimes have been reported. It is a terrifying place. However, we all face this problem and fall victim to it.

However, there are countless ways to keep ourselves and our children safe when using the Internet.International Safer Internet Day commemorations combine education, knowledge, and tools to promote a safer Internet for both adults and children.Although the internet is an excellent way to increase your understanding and future professional practice, it can also be a source of distraction at work.

Best NGOs in India on History of Safer Internet Day

Instead of using the information on the internet to enhance their skills and knowledge people typically, succumb to the countless entertainment options available on the internet. People nowadays partake in such useless activities. Relief India Trust one of the best ngos in India on this 20th edition of Safer Internet Day will discuss the entire objective for better and safer internet.

According to its website, Safer Internet Day began in 2004 as an action plan of the European Union’s (EU) SafeBorders venture and was adopted by the Insafe system as one of its first actions in 2005. It now observed in, well almost 200 countries worldwide. Safer Internet Day aims to increase public understanding of internet – based problems and current concerns, ranging from online bullying to networking to online footprint.

What are the misuses of the Internet?

The Internet has lots of advantages. It has improved our quality of life and made our lives easier. Nowadays, the internet can be utilized to complete any task. Whether it’s arranging a flight, sending money to a loved one, or preserving relationships, it comes with a drawback. Internet use can cause stress, depressed mood, productivity loss, online bullying, and a variety of other issues. Here is a quick rundown of the internet’s various drawbacks.

Negative Impact on Children

The internet allows kids to access almost everything and anything. Parents usually offer internet access to their children to assist them in expanding their skills and prepare for tests, but youngsters are frequently persuaded by playing games, social networks, and other types of entertainment. Children frequently probably watch porn and other offensive content.


Hacking is one of the biggest hindrances to the internet.It is fairly common these days to hack into folk’s email accounts, banking information, and cell phones in order to obtain private information. Moreover, this has become a major source of concern. Due to various hacking, people suffer economic losses and interpersonal conflict.

Internet Piracy

According to a report published in 2021, India is the third most frequent visitor to illegal websites. There are numerous reasons for internet piracy. For starters, it is free; this content is accessible via the Internet. However, this covers only a fraction, but it covers a heavy amount, which incurs a heavy loss that is harmful for the original one.

Stalking, Trolling and Bullying

A frequent Internet user may come across oppressive or “troll” people. Another issue, cyber bullying, has been on the rise in recent years. On the Internet, hacker attacks or even other unauthorized individuals who may be detrimental to you by trying to steal your personal details may track you.

If you splurge more time using the Internet, hackers will be able to access your personal data more quickly. Basically, the deep web and concealed environments on the web can also serve as a location for criminals to conduct business without fear of being caught. Furthermore, there are a number of people who help criminals discover new ways to obtain their goods. 


The Internet commonly used to promote businesses. Although it is an ideal medium for boosting and startups, it can also be a source of frustration for buyers at times. Moreover, Numerous businesses over-market their goods and services, clogging our mailboxes with dozens of emails. Important emails are frequently misses a result of spam.

What is Safer Internet Day?

Technology’s advancement brought with it a slew of new challenges for society. The motive is to make the Internet a safer place in the world. On this day, many organizations join hands together and joined hands to raise awareness about the topic.The primary goal is to raise awareness about how to be more vigilant about data privacy, consent, and ownership. 

This day is celebrated on every February on the second day of the second week. Most Importantly, this year it will celebrate on 7th February 2023. The day is mainly focused on how to create awareness in children about safe internet usage and what to keep in mind while to follow the practice.

Theme for Safer Internet Day

Relief India Trust best NGOs in India shares all themes of Safer Internet Day

  • 2023-Want to talk about it
  • 2022-All fun and games?Exploring respect and relationships online
  • 2021-An Internet we trust: exploring reliability
  • 2020- Together for a better internet
  • 2019-Our Internet, Our choice
  • 2018- Create, connect and share respect
  • 2017-Be the change: unite for a better internet
  • 2016- Play your part for a better internet
  • 2015- Let’s create a better internet together
  • 2014-Let’s create a better internet together
  • 2013-Online rights and responsibilities
  • 2012- Connecting generations and educating each other

Further, now let us tell you how it’s celebration take place.

How You Can Celebrate Safer Internet

According to the data available from the website of Internet Watch Foundation 2021 was the worst year for children Internet Safety around 2,52,000 url . These statistics highlight the brutal truth that modern technology is hazardous to children.

Safer Internet Day created to fight such issues and establish a rich, convenient, and healthy digital space for both adults and children. Safer Internet Day committees established to strengthen ties with other countries and enable coordinated promotion. Presently, over 100 SID committee members are in operation all over the world.

Though, today’s internet is the most famous source of information available just at a click. As user are exploring themselves to different sites they are also exposing them to many threats such as phishing, cyber bullying, scams, spyware , identity theft and many more.

Basically, this was all in honor of Safer Internet Day 2023. We hope it gave you all the data you required to use the Internet safely. However, we must be cautious to not fall victim to online bullying, who really can turn our leisure and work into a disaster. Moreover, be wise and cautious. Stay in touch with Relief India Trust, best NGOs in India, for more of that kind quality information.

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