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Relief India Trust NGO for Disabled Taking care of those who can’t for themselves

NGO for Disabled

Disability is a common issue in India, often present from birth. Unfortunately, it not only hinders the growth of individuals, but can also lead them to believe they are incapable of achieving anything, which can harm their mental health. The best treatment for a disabled person is to exhibit good behavior and provide mental support to help them overcome their disability and regain hope in their ability to make a difference in life. In this regard, we, as an NGO for Disabled, work towards uplifting such people with disabilities by providing them with the necessary support and encouragement to help them overcome their challenges.

Relief India Trust, an NGO for disabled a ray of hope for physically challenged individuals.

Our NGO for Disabled is dedicated to helping those who are physically disabled in India. We work around the clock to uplift and empower individuals who face challenges due to poverty and disability. Unfortunately, a large percentage of disabled individuals in India live below the poverty line or in slums.

This creates many problems, including difficulty obtaining basic needs, securing employment, and receiving equal treatment in society. Our organization is committed to improving the lives of these individuals through various programs, which we will discuss further.

How can disability affect both physical and mental health?

Disability can have significant impacts on both the physical and mental well-being of an individual. A physical disability may limit a person’s mobility, cause pain, or affect their ability to perform daily tasks. These challenges can lead to further health issues due to reduced physical activities, and potential complications from adaptive devices can cause mental issues.

This can lead to feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety as a result of the perceived loss of independence, social stigma, and difficulty adapting to new ways of living. It is crucial to provide support and resources to those with disabilities to help them maintain their overall health and well-being.

How can a disability be challenging and limit a person’s growth?

Individuals with disabilities may face various challenges that can limit their independence and ability to participate in everyday activities.

  • Physical barriers can make it difficult for them to access buildings or use everyday objects, which can impact their mobility.
  • Communication challenges, such as speech impediments or sensory impairments, may hinder their ability to express themselves or understand others, leading to social isolation and hindering personal growth.
  • They may also face limited access to resources and opportunities, such as education, employment, healthcare, and social activities, due to inadequate infrastructure or support services. This can limit their chances of self-improvement and career advancement.
  • Social exclusion, discrimination, and a lack of understanding from others can also result in social isolation and make it difficult for individuals with disabilities to form relationships and engage in community activities. This can hinder their emotional and psychological growth.
  • Negative attitudes, misconceptions, and stereotypes about disabilities can lead to low self-esteem and reduce opportunities for personal and professional growth, limiting their ability to reach their full potential.

The combination of these challenges can significantly impact a disabled person’s growth, which may result in feelings of isolation. Low self-worth, and a lack of self-advocacy, ultimately hindering their overall development.

Disability status in India

  • The overall prevalence of disability in India is 4.52%. With the highest prevalence among people aged 75 years and older at 6.07%. Disabilities include insanity, deafness, blindness, and leprosy.
  • Out of India’s total population of 1.21 billion. 2.68 crore people are classified as disabled, which represents 2.21% of the total population.
  • Males have a higher percentage of disability at 2.41%, compared to 2.01% for females.
  • This is true across all social groups. In 2011, approximately 7.62% of India’s total population with disabilities were children. Which translates to around 2.04 million children out of 26.8 million people with disabilities.

The NGO for Disabled Relief India Trust, is turning helpless lives into independent ones.

Our organization is dedicated to the welfare of society and its people. We are committed to creating a better future where every individual has access to basic needs and resources. As well as equal opportunities.

We recognize the importance of supporting people with disabilities. And our goal is to uplift them by boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. Providing them with basic necessities, and creating a life where their disability is not seen as a problem.

Our programs to bring shine into the lives of special individuals

  • As an NGO for people with disabilities. We strive to treat everyone equally and address all issues that can hinder the growth of people with differences. We provide healthy meals to nourish the bodies and souls of people and children with disabilities.
  • Our organization empowers children with disabilities with quality education because we believe that education can transform them internally and make them self-reliant and independent in the future. So they can earn a living.
  • We, as an NGO, provide regular healthcare assessments to people and children. We do our best to heal them by offering medicines and mental treatment through our counseling camps. This can be very helpful in making them believe that life isn’t over yet and that there is still so much they can do. Even with their disabilities.


Relief India Trust, an NGO for Disabled is a beacon of hope for individuals who are physically challenged. We are making a positive impact on so many lives by providing support for their basic needs as well as mental support. We aim to fill every blank space in the lives of these people with our help so that they can live an equal life just like others.

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