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Relief India Trust: One of the best NGOs in India| HELP THE NEEDY

one of the best NGOs in India


Relief India Trust is one of the best NGOs in India to help needy children and women. The Relief India Trust established in 2011. And since then we have been serving the needs by providing them with the basic needs for their survival. Relief India trust is one of the best NGOs in India and works for the overall upliftment of humans. Our NGO never judges anyone from their color, caste, income. We just know that we have to provide these underprivileged kids a place in society for their well-being. We want a discrimination-free society where every gender of people is  equally as the others.

5 reasons why the Relief India Trust is one of the best NGOs in India?

  • Relief India Trust provided cooked nutritious food which saves poor people from hunger and saves them from Malnutrition.
  • The Relief India Trust provides rehabilitation centers where children and families were taken care of.
  • Relief India Trust distributed clothes and blankets {in winter} to protect them from chilling cold {in winter}. 
  • Our NGO provides Education to these children. So that they can get literate and come out of this situation.
  • The Relief India Trust provides medical and hospital facilities. In case any children or their family is suffering from any kind of disease.

Our trust’s main objective is to organize relief and rehabilitation measures in disasters and calamities. The Relief India Trust creates awareness about deadly diseases like AIDS/HIV, Cancer. By setting up different camps in different locations in DELHI\NCR. We run free-of-cost medical camps in rural areas, slums, and on the streets for the poor children and the needy. Other than this we provide financial assistance to face the calamity.

All the help and influence that are important are presented by the Relief India Trust. While addressing scourges connected with AIDs and HIV. To offices in the private area, the legislatures of agricultural countries, and non-government associations. The Trust gives middle class and specialized help just as comprehensive preparation. The Trust additionally plans to oversee and assesses comprehensive avoidance of HIV and AIDS. We also offer backing and care sequencers. And gives answer ability in the administration of accounts and the aftereffects of the projects.

Relief India Trust organized

Relief India Trust organized a great deal of educational material for kid work turned students at different levels. According to their age and learning levels and texts for limited organizations in the overall population. Relief India Trust invigorated its enlightening activities. By limiting working on (VEC) Village Education Committees, personal growth, social occasions. To defend the kid opportunities, capability for youthful grown-up youngsters. And motivating natural youth to participate in all capability programs.

The Relief India Trust creates awareness about THALASSEMIA. It is an anomaly of the blood. In which the powerlessness of another conceived youngster to shape ordinary Hemoglobin. In such cases, the kid needs to get bonding of blood. Once in at least 2 a limit of 3 weeks. If the bonding isn’t done, then, at that point, it tends to be deadly for the kid. As he arrives at the age of 5 survival becomes difficult. The red platelets that have the Hemoglobin particle are not beneficial. This illness is acquired through blemished qualities. It isn’t given starting with one patient. Then on to the next by a contact or blood bonding or air or food. The fix of this isn’t 100 percent sure yet the main choice accessible is microorganism transplantation. 

Relief India Trust has been at the front in giving critical needs materials and helps to the poverty-stricken. During typical upheavals, crisis conditions, over the top environmental conditions, etc. As India fights to stay above the COVID 19, various families are combating reliably for their living.

Relief India Trust is again staying immovable during this overall clinical benefit. The crisis introduced in light of Coronavirus and supporting different families across the Delhi/NCR Region. By consistent comforts, extent, and prosperity assist essentials with fighting against Coronavirus.


Young people living in the ghettos are similarly given nutritious food, prescriptions and clothing freed from cost. The other objective of the Trust is to give Secondary, Primary, and Middle-level schools. For offering free preparation to the slums, poor, and street young people. The Relief India Trust is thankful to every donor for supporting us. And letting us help these needy for their survival.