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Relief Org Creating Awareness on World Asthma Day

Astama Day

Asthma is a very critical disease, which impact a huge part of India population as well as world population.  As a severe asthma can stop a person from getting oxygen and sometimes even lead to death. To ensure and prevent people from this acute disease, an initiative started to create awareness and management. Relief Org on the World Asthma Day will try to aware people maximum.

Asthma is a non communicable disease that affects children, middle aged and old people as well. This disease may start at a young age, but it is detected at a later age. The disease can be both genetic or due to environmental issue. However, there is no permanent cure for this acute disease, though its effect can be minimized through effective medication.The lungs airways swell during an asthma attack, which causes them to become narrower.

Many triggers cause asthma episodes in various persons. An attack can be brought on by smoke from cigarettes or fires, pollution, cold water, allergies, animals, household dust, molds, strong odors like fragrance or bus emissions, wood ash, exercising, and dangerous chemicals.

Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) defined asthma as “a heterogeneous disease, usually characterized by chronic airway inflammation.”If untreated, childhood asthma can progress to chronic asthma and cause recurring respiratory symptoms such coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, and tightness in the chest. The standard of living for the affected kid may severely reduce as a result of childhood asthma due to an increase in school absences, a decrease in active involvement in work, and other factors.

Relief Org through our NGO trying to make people aware about the factors responsible for the rise of asthma and preventive measures.

Relief Org on History of World Asthma Day

According to the WHO, asthma affected 262 million people worldwide in 2019 and contributed to more than 460,000 fatalities. Although the issue is not new, the number of fatalities from asthma has roughly doubled since the 1980s. Asthma is mentioned in Chinese texts from 2600 B.C. Respiratory problems and shortness of breath are also mentioned in texts from ancient Egypt.

Doctor Henry H. Salter accurately described and illustrated what transpires in the lungs during asthma attacks in the 19th century. William Osler, one of the Johns Hopkins Medical School’s co-founders, observed similarities between asthma and allergic diseases in 1892.

They include hay fever and the illness’ hereditary component. He also listed particular asthma triggers including the weather, strong emotions, and food. Asthma well understood as an inflammatory disorder in the 1980s. It concentrated on how crucial the immune system is. Even if asthma symptoms do not manifest, doctors realized that asthma has to be managed.

Theme of World Asthma Day

In addition, Relief Org is now expressing a few themes that emphasize the purpose of each theme. The Global Initiative for Asthma coordinates World Asthma Day. Incorporated in 1993, GINA is a joint venture of the World Health Organization.

  • 2023- Asthma care for all
  • 2022- Closing Gaps in Asthma Care
  • 2021- Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions
  • 2020- Enough Asthma Deaths
  • 2019- STOP for Asthma
  • 2018- Never too early, never too late. It’s always the right time to address airways disease.
  • 2017- Better Air Better Breathing
  • 2018- Its never too early, it’s never too late. It’s always a good time to treat respiratory problems.

Importance of World Asthma Day

The goal of World Asthma Day is to close the asthma care gap. Even while prompt intervention can lessen “pain,” it is not always given to all patients. The day is therefore designate for discussing concerns like “fair access to treatment and diagnosis (medical)”.In addition, there is a focus on enhancing communication regarding asthma and informing those who have the condition of their available treatment options.

In order to carry out asthma treatment solutions both nationally and internationally, efforts are made to guarantee that international respiratory communities collaborate with patients and healthcare professionals.

India’s Stats on World Asthma Day

When we talk about the report of Global Burden of Disease Report 2019 regarding burden, years lived with a disability, and deaths from asthma, India tops the list of countries in the globe. Although just 12% of the world’s population has asthma, over 34 million Indians have it. India accounts for 42% of all asthma-related deaths in the world.

What are the Symptoms of Asthma?

Coughing, breathing, breathlessness, and chest tightness are some of the typical asthma symptoms. The intermittent symptoms of asthma get worse at nighttime and during exercising. Asthma also frequently leads to anxiety, premature awakening, a rapid heartbeat, or throat inflammation.

Who is at Risk of Asthma?

There are numerous of risk involve for development of asthma during any stage of life. These are as follows:

Environmental Issues

Allergens, irritants, and cold weather are just a few of the factors that might aggravate asthma. The prevalence of asthma is greatly influenced by domestic inputs to dust mite and cockroach allergens as well as the irritating effects of secondhand smoke.


Although the pattern of heredity for allergic asthma is uncertain, it can be handed down through families over generations. Not the disease itself, but the risk of developing allergic asthma is enhanced in those who have changes in at least one of the related genes. Not everyone who has a mutation in a gene related with asthma will experience the ailment since allergens, asthma is a complicated syndrome impacted by hereditary and environmental variables.


Those with asthma are triggered by secondhand smoke. Smokers who also have asthma have lower asthma management and lose lung function more quickly. Pregnant women who smoke harm the lungs of the unborn child. Wherever possible, stay away from smoke-filled areas if you have asthma.


Obese people, especially adults, may have a higher chance of developing asthma. It is believed that this risk factor may be influenced by low-grade inflammation brought on by excess body weight. In addition, if you currently have asthma, developing obesity may raise your risk of the condition exacerbating.


With asthma, the inside walls of the airways are swollen or inflamed. This inflammation makes the air passages, particularly sensitive to irritants and asthma triggers. The swelling narrows the air passages, making it difficult for air to pass through the airways. This makes it hard to breathe normally.


The inner walls of the airways swell or become inflamed when someone has asthma. The airways become more vulnerable to allergens and asthma causes as a result of this inflammation. The swelling makes the airways smaller, making it challenging that air to pass through. Normal breathing is challenging because of this.

Is Asthma a curable disease?

Although asthma is not curable, but it can be controlled if it is effectively managed with the appropriate medication at the appropriate time to avoid asthma episodes or to reduce the number of asthmatic patients.

The disease of asthma can be treated with an exclusive inhaler or by taking a daily medication.The patient should also stay away from areas that are smoke-filled. He or she should be aware of the causes and progression of asthma risk.

Patients with asthma use inhalers to help them breathe comfortably while taking medication. They begin to feel better as soon as this medication begins to enter their lungs.

Relief Org on this World Asthma Day that is celebrated on the first Tuesday in May by Global Initiative for Asthma to increase awareness and help to adapt preservative measures as well.

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