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Road safety education is essential because it helps to decrease the number of deaths and injuries on our roads. Road safety is basically protecting an individual by making them following road safety. Today Relief Org on National Road Safety Week is guiding people to learn road safety awareness.

To be safe, one should know how to drive a car properly, but not depend on in-car technology such as a navigation system. When driving a large vehicle like, it can be difficult to determine how much space is required, so take into account that there needs to be sufficient room for emergency services if they are near the area. When driving or walking down the street, proper knowledge and education on road safety rules are required.

In addition to ensuring and engaging people with road safety, rules and regulations during national road safety week Relief Org will educate you on the importance of road safety. Road accidents happen at an alarmingly high rate in today’s fast-paced world. Possible dangers can range from poor driving habits to poor road dynamics and even poor infrastructure.

Drunk driving, exceeding speed limits, and general rash driving all contribute significantly to traffic accidents. In addition, ignoring road signs that provide important information, such as crossing point or intersections, can be a leading cause of vehicular accidents.

Vehicle maintenance is also important in terms of road safety. For instance, numerous car accidents are triggered by tyre blowouts, which occur when tyres are slightly deflated and driven past their operational life.Vehicles travelling at high speeds begin to slide uncontrollably as the tyres of the vehicle push off the ground through a thin water layer on the road.

Relief Org on Why National Road Safety Week

Mishaps on the road has also emerged to be one of the most urgent social issues that the world is struggling to deal with as road network is becoming more crowded and means of travel become more readily available. According to official data from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India is ranked first among 199 countries in the number of deaths caused by road accidents. The data clearly show that road safety is indeed a significant public health issue.

To recognize the gravity of the situation and to educate people on how to improve their road safety, the Government of India, in partnership with different state governments, observes National Road Safety Week from January 11 to January 17. The National Road Safety Week will be observed for the 33rd time ever since inception. Highlighting the significance of prioritizing safety when travelling by any form of transportation, whether two or four wheels.

According to the data, more than 2 lakhs people are victims of life-threatening problems like mental shock, loss of memory, loss of hand or legs, and many more throughout their lives. Such circumstances, particularly in India, emphasize the significance and need have of road safety measures. India has a large population of road travelers, including two-wheelers and four-wheelers, w.

It also necessitates the efforts of community, transportation sector, insurance sector, health sector, police, legal sector, educational institutions, highway engineers, vehicle companies, public agencies, NGOs, and many more.

Statistics about Road Accident in India

When we look at the statistics of road accidents, the situation in India is horrific. These figures show how people are reckless and insensitive when driving. According to the most recent data from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. There were 4, 12,432 road accidents in 2021, with 1, 53,972 people killed and 3, 84,448 injured.  Road accidents increased by 12.6% in 2021. During this year, there was a 16.9% increase in fatalities and a 10.39% increase in injuries due to traffic accidents. 

There were 56,007 deaths on national highways, 37,963 deaths on state highways, and 60,002 deaths on many other roads. Accidents kill the most people between the ages of 18 and 45, accounting for nearly 67% of all deaths.

Over speeding killed 1, 07,236 people in 2021, while drunk driving killed 3,314 people. There were 8,122 fatalities as a result of carriageway indiscipline and 679 fatalities as a result of traffic light offenses. Cell phone use during driving resulted in the deaths of 2,982 people. Other causes of death claimed the lives of 31,639 people.

32,877 drivers and 13,716 passengers  killed as a result of not wearing helmets while riding two-wheelers. Furthermore, 8,438 drivers and 7,959 passengers died as a result of not wearing seat belts while driving.

According to the World Health Organization, India accounts for at least one out of every ten people killed on the world’s roads.

All Theme of National Road Safety Week

  • Theme for road safety week 2019-2022 was “Sadak Suraksha-JeevanRaksha”.
  • Theme for road safety week 2018 was “The department will spread awareness regarding traffic rules . The dissuade people from using the banned synthetic string, popularly known as Chinese thread”.
  • Theme for road safety week 2017 was “Your safety, secures your family-Be cautious on Roads”.
  • Theme for road safety week 2015 was “Build a Safety Culture for Sustainable Supply Chain” and “Safety is not just a slogan, It’s a way of life”.
  • Theme for road safety week 2014 was “Walk for Road Safety”.
  • Theme for road safety week 2013 was “Stay Alive, don’t drink and drive” to increase awareness among people against the drunken driving”.
  • Theme for road safety week 2011 was “Road Safety a Mission, Not Intermission”.

Why Road Safety Week is Important?

The ISS India HSE (Health Safety and Environment) in order to make people aware of the national road safety situation on the Indian subcontinent initiated celebrating this. In the first week of January, ISS India declared that the country would observe Road Safety Week. The goal of this campaign was to emphasize  the importance of safe road travel by following a few simple rules.  The primary cause of accident is due to habitual activities such as traffic light jumping, not wearing seat  belt, over speeding, drunken activities, and many activities that are more risky.

How Road Safety Week Celebrated?

The National Security Council, an autonomous body established by the Government of India, organizes the Road Safety Week every January. The collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and state governments. Cities make efforts to increase public awareness about traffic rules, signs, and precautions  taken while driving. Throughout the weeklong celebration, marches organized with banner ads displaying road safety warnings and signs. Many schools and colleges volunteer to participate in the campaign, distributing road safety leaflets, booklets, and reflectors to vulnerable cyclists.

Local authorities also conduct thorough checks on drivers and motorcyclists in order to send a clear message  ‘Zero Tolerance for Drunk Driving’ . Commuters teach about traffic rules and signs, as well as the precautions on the road for others’ safety.

The federal government provides finances to state governments for Road Safety Week campaigns. It is a collaborative effort where the government, non-governmental organizations, and governmental institutions work together to reduce road fatalities.

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