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Relief Organization Celebrates World Soil Day

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Today, we’re going to start this essay by posing some questions to everyone. When the lives depend on the soil below, how frequently do you appreciate it? Did you know that dirt has a higher density of living things than the rest of the world? Isn’t it strange that we don’t discuss it much? Relief Organization will observe World Soil Day on this day, December 5. Without soil, there would be no food security in the world, inspite how important and mainly unnoticed it is.

Fortunately, a day has been set aside to focus the importance of managing soil in a healthy, sustainable manner and maintaining that state. We’re here to spill the beans on why we must do so and why soil is one of nature’s most best creations.Through the growth of plants, the world of soil, this is made up of living things, minerals, and organic materials, produces food for both people and animals.

Similar to humans, good soil requires a balanced and the mixed supply of nutrients in the right amounts. If soils are not managed effectively, fertility is gradually lost, and soils will yield nutrient-lacking plants. Agricultural systems lose nutrients with every harvest.  One of the main soil degradation task that risk nutrition is soil nutrient loss. For food sustainability and security on a worldwide scale, it is known as one of the most acute problems.

Relief organization is very well aware that soil degradation is the biggest problem. Degradation of soil occurs when there are poor nutrients in the soil, which leads to unhealthy soil. There is a need for proper soil management, which will create a healthy soil and environment.

Relief Organization about Soil Day Background

In the Soil, all life begins and ends. It provides our water with filtration and serves as a source of food and medicine. Most people assume soil will always exist and take it for granted. However, it is not at all the case. 4 inches of soil require more than 1,000 years growing.

The International Union of Soil Sciences proposed in 2002 to honor and raise awareness of soil. It was a movement which, launched by the late King BhumibolAdulyadej of Thailand. He inspired the movement with his vision and feeling for this most priceless natural resource.

An International Organization that works to defeat hunger and improve nutrition I, e Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) backed the official declaration of “World Soil Day”.

In addition, in June 2013, the FAO conference officially approved World Soil Day and asked the 68th UN General Assembly to formally recognize it. The 68thsession of the UN General Assembly in December 2013 show December 5 as “World Soil Day.” On December 5, 2014, the first World Soil Day celebrated annually.

However, The amount of vitamins and nutrients in food reduced over the past 70 years, and it’s estimated that 2 billion people worldwide. The fight from micronutrient, malnutrition, sometimes known as food insecurity due to its narrow nature.

Some soils become nutrient use up and loses their ability to support crops as a result of soil degradation, whereas other soils have nutrient concentrations that are so high. They form a harmful atmosphere for plants and animals, pollute the atmosphere, and donate to climate change.

What is Soil Day celebration?

On World Soil Day, the growing issue brought upon population growth also highlighted. Furthermore, the action is necessary to stop soil erosion and protect the richness in order to bond food safety.

Different amounts of air, minerals, and living materials make up the soil. It is essential for life since it offers a growing atmosphere for plants and a home for many insects and other living things. This helps to keep atmospheric gases as well as serving as a surface water cleaning system. It is the source of the four basic needs of life—food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Therefore, soil conservation is important. Therefore, World Soil Day observed on December 5 in order to increase awareness of soil loss.

The other way to honor the people who to this day and solve the soil lose problem. They awarded by Glinka World Soil Prize.

Importance of Soil Preservation

Though, for agricultural production, food security, and fixed in dry and semi-arid countries, soil salinization and sodification are two of the most serious soil decrease processes that pose a harm to the environment.

Rapid changes in soil functions, such as a decline in agricultural production, water quality, soil biodiversity, and soil erosion, all driven from salt-affected soils. The capacity of salt-affected soils to absorb and filter poisonous decreased. The supply of vitamins and minerals and the capacity of crops to absorb water are both lower in salt-affected soils. They may weaken the system of the soil and collections that are damaging to plants.

World Soil Day Theme

2022: Soils: Where food begins

2021: Halt soil salinization, enhance soil production

2020:Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity

2019:Stop Soil Erosion, Save our Future

2018:Be the Solution to Soil Pollution

2017: Caring for the soils starts from the ground

2016: Soils & Pulses: Symbiosis for life

2015: Soils, a solid ground for life

2014:Soils, foundation for family farming

World Soil Day 2022 Theme Aim

To address the serious issues in soil management, increase soil awareness, and motivate societies to increase soil health in order to increase awareness of the importance of protecting the quality of the environment and human comfort

What exactly is soil conservation, and how does it work?

Relief Organization on the occasion of the practice of “soil conservation” helps to keep soil healthy. Overuse, erosion, salinization, and chemical pollution are a few causes of the decline in soil fertility.

When top soil removed, which is important for nutrients, bacteria required for plant growth, and its shine, erosion takes place. Let us mention that one such measure to stop soil erosion is soil conservation. There are many ways to soil protection.

Strategies and Methods for Preserving Soil:

Contour Ploughing:

To get the rest farmland, outline ploughing used rather than crop planting. To stop runoff and increase crop yields, it is done for farm that is situated on the  slopes. Alternately, ploughing done along the land’s boundaries to reduce soil erosion.

Terrace Farming:

It is a technique for shape way, level, flat landscapes into the hills. This is to keep soil nutrients in the areas and stop runoff.


With this technique, trees planted all around the farmland in rich patterns to stop wind erosion.

Crop Rotation:

Crop rotation is used in addition to making soil rich in nutrients. To keep the soil’s nutritional benefit high, cash crops rotated with root vegetables .

Agrostological Measures:

Agrostological Measures are the process of planting grass in degraded places. When the grass removed, it can be used as cattle feed, increasing the soil’s nutrient content.

Salinity Management:

The salt left behind as water evaporates from the soil, which can harm the soil and cause nutrient loss. This can avoid the use of humic acids. Additionally, saltbush planted to refill the nutrients lost from the soils.

Relief Organization celebrates World Soil Day to conserve the atmosphere from harmful effects and make the soil healthy and nutrient-rich to grow healthy food for the people living on this planet.

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