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RIT NGO in India: Health Improvement Strategies

NGO in India

Relief India Trust is an NGO in India. We always put health first and encourage healthy habits. When do we tell people that they need to care for their health? The majority of them say yes, but some say no. It doesn’t matter and which gender you are; that everybody has many responsibilities. People must prioritize their health over everything else, including work, children, and families.

Everyone knows what is good for our health and what is bad for it. However, we continue to ignore this.  Even if we know that unhealthy food is not good for our health, we still have it.  When a person gets sick, he/she/they take care of their health and eat healthy and exercise but after sometime, they stop the process.  Maintaining a healthy diet is quite difficult.People prefer to eat tasty food instead of healthy one.

People need to have control over their habits to maintain a discipline life. The good thing is that the new generation is very much health conscious and follow a disciplinary life.   The problem is that when people start any work with enthusiasm but after some time they loss the motivation when the target is not achieve. This is because people set unrealistic target to achieve in less time.  

In today’s article, RIT Ngo in India will tell you about health strategies and tips to follow healthy life cycle.  Make health a priority rather than a least important thing. Let us talk about the topic without any further delay.

NGO in India: What is Health Promotion?

The brilliant medical historian Henry E. Sigerist first used the phrase “health promotion” in 1945 when he identified the four primary functions of medicine as “promotion of health,” “prevention of illness,” “restoration of the sick,” and “rehabilitation.” His affirmation that promoting health required the concerted efforts of leaders, labour, industry, educators, and physicians, as well as the provision of a fair standard of living, good labour conditions, education, physical culture, means of leisure and amusement.

The statement made by Henry E. Sigerist that “the promotion of health undoubtedly contributes to prevent illness, but successful prevention demands for special preventive measures” underlined the consideration paid to the general causes of disease as well as specific reasons as well as the role that lifestyle plays in disease.Health is more than just the removal of disease or disability; it is a condition of whole emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

Wellness is a comprehensive concept that takes into account all facets of life, including the social, professional, intellectual, physical, environmental, and emotional ones. A person making only healthy decisions cannot attain wellness. It involves learning how societal; community, organizational, and interpersonal elements may affect a person’s wellbeing.

Through education-driven voluntary behavior change initiatives, health promotion is a behavioral social science that pulls first from biological, environmental, psychological, physical, and medical disciplines to promote health and avoid illness, disability, and early death.

The improvement of health knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behavior is accomplished through the development of individual, group, institutional, community, and systemic solutions.The goal of promotion is to improve people’s health behaviors, communities health behaviors, and the work and living environments that affect people’s health.

Why is Health Promotion Important?

  • Empowers people to take more control over and take better care of their health.
  • Includes the entire people in the context of their daily life.
  • Instead than concentrating on those who are at risk for particular diseases, activities designed to promote health and prevent ill-health.

Some Tips to Improve Health and Well Being

A person who remains busy and ignores his health and well being at the cost of other things. You need to take a break from this hectic life and adopt some healthy habits.

Psychologist claims that eating healthily and exercising immediately benefits your brain and body in handling anxiety, sadness, and fear. Achieving balance, works hard to ensure, and acceptance are the keys to true wellbeing.

Relief India Trustngo in Indiawill discuss some factors, which will help you to attain a good well being.

1.    Take a Proper Nap

Although it can seem like the most obvious advice, the majority of people don’t follow the fundamental guidelines for their general welfare. To recover and recharge the energy it needs to function correctly, our body requires enough sleep and rest. For daily physical and mental activities, this healing is crucial.

The hormones that are directly linked to our emotions and mood are controlled by getting enough sleep. There’s a good probability that your body isn’t receiving enough sleep if you’re agitated or feeling emotionally distressed. Nearly 7to 8 hours of sleep per day are required for an adult body. Therefore, be sure to obtain enough rest.

2.    Exposure to Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight releasesa hormone name serotonin or happiness hormone, which helps to uplift the mood and make person to feel calm. Without proper exposure to sunlight, your serotonin or happiness hormone will decline and which automatically cause depression. So take proper sunlight, which will help you to gain vitamin D and make your body healthier.

3.    Exercise Regularly

This one activity has many benefits for the body to keep healthy. When we start physical activities, the blood circulation of the body improves.   This makes you feel happier throughout the day.  Apart from this, it also helps to increase the flow of oxygen and a person feel good and mentally healthy. A walk during morning in the fresh air is more than enough to keep you fit. Exercise strengthens your bones and muscles, which protects you from various types of personal injuries during a workout or while running your daily task. 

4.    Deal With Stress

Today, it can be challenging to avoid stress, but it is definitely feasible to manage it. It is crucial to have good coping mechanisms for stress. Try to stay away from stressful circumstances to achieve that. If your stress is out of control, make a list of the reasons why as well as the steps you can do to alter your behavior, mood, or even circumstance.

5.    Find New Habit

We keep active and involved with a hobby. You take positive efforts to enhance your emotional wellbeing when you are interested in and like performing certain things. Additionally, it relieves your mind of the strain of daily life and work. Developing new interests is a terrific way to improve mental health and mood.

Our health depends on our habits. Your odds of reaching and sustaining your lifestyle objectives, such as keeping a healthy diet and regular exercise, controlling diabetes and other medical disorders, improving your quality of life, and boosting lifespan, can depend on them.


Ngo in India just want to say in the conclusion that nutrients are the essential part if you lack nutrition in body this will lead to some serious health issue. You also experience emotional anxiety and distress. You should consume enough fruits and vegetables, according to health and wellness experts. Additionally, consuming lentils and nuts helps to strengthen your heart. As much as you can, try to stay away from processed meals, sugar, and coffee.

Many aspects of your life will naturally align with your objective of improving your health when you put your attention on it. Start out slowly, move forward incrementally, don’t allow setbacks disrupt your ambitions, and, most importantly, have pleasure in the trip. We hope that reading this information will help you stay healthy.

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