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Best NGO In India Introducing Ways that will Make Your Health Good

best NGO in India

Relief India Trust is the best NGO in India. We always prioritize health and promote healthy habits. When do we ask people that it is necessary to take care of their health? Most of them answer Yes, but some people say NO. Does not matter what gender, but all have a lot of responsibilities. Between work, kids, and families the first thing people comprise is to take care of their health. 

We all know what things are good and what things are bad for our health. But still, we do not pay attention to that. For example, we know that eating red meat is unhealthy for our health, but still, people eat it. Green leafy vegetables, Nuts, Pulses, these are beneficial for us. But due to busy schedules, we usually eat outside food like Fritters, Rissoles, etc. 

Every year many people take the resolution of staying healthy. But that resolution hardly stays for a week. Yes, eating a healthy diet is more difficult than going for a walk. Both things are a matter of following discipline in your life. However, despite every work and responsibility, people must take care of their health. Make health your priority to live a healthy, disease-free life. 

 Generally, people set very difficult goals to achieve in a very less duration of time. The goals are difficult to achieve and hence people do not follow them for a longer period. To make healthy habits a discipline that is easy to follow we suggest your tips in the article. Let’s start discussing that points without further delay. 

Simple tips suggested by the best NGO in India to maintain healthy habits for a long time: –

Focus on yourself

Many people, especially women, take care of themselves is not a priority. They may think about it, but doing it is another matter. Think of a situation where you are sick, exhausted, and depressed but still doing work. Do you think your work capability would be the same? We as the best NGO in India aware that people first take care of themselves. So that they can take care of their loved ones. This does not mean being selfish or not caring about anyone else. 

If you give time to yourself, you will not only be healthier. But you’ll be better able to love and care for the people in your life.

Make taking care of yourself part of your daily schedule

Finding time to exercise, eat healthily and get more sleep doesn’t just happen. It becomes a part of your life because you create time for it. Organize your schedule to fit in workouts, meal planning, meditation, and sleep. This planning will help you to stay for a longer period along with all your other commitments. 

Instead of making changes, create habits

In a study, it is proven that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Hence always try to focus on creating habits rather than making changes. It is easy to change your diet or take the stairs instead of the elevator for one day. But they do not stay in life for the long term to benefit you. If you want to make your health a priority, you need to choose things that you love doing time again. Find that form of game or exercise that is beneficial to health and interesting also. Choose healthy foods that you like to eat and make them part of your normal diet. The key is finding things you actually enjoy and look forward to doing every day, and then sticking to them.

Change your environment

This is a famous line that says that if you are buying something from a grocery store you investing in your health. Likewise, if you are working out, you are investing in maintaining your fitness. If you are investing in food like cookies and crackers, you’re investing in the wrong things. So take a hard look at your environment and if it’s not helping you get healthy, change it.

Set attainable goals

If you want to create habits, not changes, you need to take them to step by step. Start with going to the gym two days a week, then work up to three, then increase your workout. Try to make smaller changes and that will help you to create big habits. Focus on sustainable changes that you can maintain for the long term at any budget and place. 

Realize that you only have one body

You get only life and one body. Then this is your duty to take care of your health. If you are not going to prioritize your health and hygiene that who else will do that for you? We as the best NGO in India can guide you but the key to success lies in your hands of your hand. Many people do make excuses due to why they are not able to maintain their health. Being healthy not only protects you from diseases, but also gives you sanity. So be kind to yourself, and start where you need to start. 

Read food labels

Very few people read the levels of food items. They hardly, read the mfg. And expiry date. Always pay attention to the labels that suggest the following things. Fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, protein, trans fat, MSG, artificial coloring/flavoring, and Preservatives. Also, notice the serving size so you don’t consume more calories than you realize.

Keep track of your numbers

You should keep a regular check of your B.P., blood sugar, cholesterol, BMI, thyroid, and bone density. All these should be carefully examined after every regular interval of time. Checkups will help you in identifying any problem before reaching the at-risk level. These problems are a silent killer and slowly kill you from the inside out. Hence have regular visits to doctors to protect yourself from these silent killers. 

Eat healthy Food

Take time to put some thought into your weekly menu. Try to add green vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, and fruits into your diet. These food items will help you in building your immunity and health. Take away unnecessary carbohydrates, saturated fat, starches, sugars, and empty calories. You will get amazing results with simple adjustments to your diets. Your diet can make a big difference in your weight, your health, and how you feel.


When you focus on being healthier, many parts of your life will naturally fall in line with that goal. So, start slow, take it one step at a time, don’t let setbacks derail your plans, and most important of all, enjoy the journey. We hope this article will help you in maintaining good health. You can read such articles and blogs on our website  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

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