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Famous NGO in India| Urbanization and its impact on society

famous NGOs in India

Relief India trust is a famous NGO in India that takes care of society’s welfare. Poverty is a global issue. When we talk about the Indian population, most of them survive in slums. This is mainly because of Urbanization. Urbanization is capturing many agricultural lands. The increase in cities has led to increasing poverty. This is definite that an increase in industries will bring more employment. But we cannot deny the fact that will also hamper the ecosystem. People move to cities in search of a good source of income and end up living in slums to meet the expenses of the city. 

You may not have visited a slum, but seen or passed from there. Did you ever imagine their quality of living? We do not think, you must try to escape that place as fast as you can. With n excuse that O God, how much this place is smelling, how their kids are playing in dust and mud. Their living condition is very vulnerable. Relief India NGO tries to help them by bringing them out of this situation. We visit slums in Delhi, U.P, and Meerut to aware people of the benefits of proper sanitation. This is the moral duty of every individual to help poor families. These people are an essential part of our society and should get equal attention. 

Due to uncontrolled urbanization in India environmental degradation has been occurring very rapidly. Along with problems like water quality, air pollution, and problems with waste disposal. We are assuming that now will have the idea of urbanization. Let’s move now further to under the positive and negative impacts of it. 

 Positive effects of Urbanization: –

  •     Creation of employment opportunities

This is important to create more employment as this will enhance the growth of the economy. These families face a major issue in getting jobs. Because of urbanization these families can earn and uplift their current living conditions. 

  •     Technological and infrastructural advancements

Urbanization helps in technological and infrastructural advancements. Cities are defined based on their facilities available. If we talk about metro cities, there is more technological and infrastructural growth. But if we are considering any other city poverty is more than that of metro cities. 

  •     Improved transportation and communication

As we discussed above the same factor is going to affect us here as well. What happens in rural areas is that they have fewer modes of transport and communication. When people switch to cities like Delhi they get good transportation and communication. This is possible because of urbanization.

  •     Quality educational and medical facilities

As a famous NGO in India, we have observed that rural areas lack education and medical services. Volunteers in our NGO support low-income families in both problems. We educate the poor children and provide them with educational supplies. NGOs support patients suffering from thalassemia. With the help of urbanization, we educate children online with the help of a projector. They are not so rich to afford android mobile phones so we help them this way. Our NGO provides free transportation facilities to patients for their convenience. 

  •     Improved standards of living

So true, urbanization has surely uplifted the living standard of people. It provides technology that reduces human efforts and increases productivity. 

Negative effects of urbanization: –

  •     Population increases cause housing problems

Because people are shifting from villages to cities, there is so much of crowd. There is not enough space for living which give rise to building new ghettos. With each passing day and time, this one ghetto turns into a big slum. This creates a problem for both the slum dwellers and the ones who are living in buildings. 

  •     Overcrowding

Overcrowding is becoming one of the most sensitive problems due to urbanization. People in search of jobs and better living conditions moving to cities from villages. This is disturbing the planned things for a city that was made with the view to serving a certain number of people. 

  •     Unemployment

It is not a matter that you cannot have experienced. Almost in every family, there is one such member who is unemployed. Also, facing difficulty in getting a job. This is happening because India is overpopulated and jobs are not available. Here everybody wants to work somewhere instead of becoming an entrepreneur. We need people to motivate by the fact that becoming an entrepreneur will help them and others. 

  •     Development of Slums

As a famous NGO in India, this is the key role of our work. We work for the development of slums and ghettos. Our NGO strives to develop the life quality of slum-dwellers. But, due to urbanization this motive always gets less attention from the government. We as an NGO so urge the government to urbanize the city along with slums people. 

  •     Water and Sanitation Problems

Due to urbanization, people who cannot afford homes start living anywhere they feel. This hampers proper water and sanitation facilities. Cities are planned in such a way that every house get proper sanitation and water facility. But due to urbanization more people from villages get attracted to cities. That leads to generating problems in proper service providing.

  •     Poor Health and Spread of Diseases

As there are fewer facilities in villages more people flew to cities. Because more people switch to cities it overcrowds hospitals. This sometimes leads to the spread of diseases and poor health services. Agricultural lands have been captured which leads to less fruitful crop production. 

  •     Traffic Congestion

As more people are living in cities, there is a lot of traffic congestion appearing in front of people. You will see many vehicles running on the roads. This emits a lot of harmful gas that is harmful to the environment as well as humans. We all know for the worst pollution Delhi’s name always comes on top across the globe. 

  •     Urban Crime

Because of urbanization, more crime rate has increased. People living in such cities better understand that here you have more expenses. Famous NGOs in India are thus aware people live a good life with good means. 

Briefing: – famous NGO in India

It is very important to take care of your society. Society should be a place where everyone should be treated equally. We try to support these families as much as possible, but we need your support.

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In this article, you will learn about urbanization. Along with the definition, you will see the positive and negative impacts of urbanization. Urbanization has surely given us many good things, but along with that, it has taken a lot. There is no doubt that it is adding more value to the economy, but it has some negative impacts. The five points will help you to understand the benefits of urbanization. The rest eight points will give the idea of the negative impacts of urbanization. Yes, this is sure that we need development, but not by letting poor communities behind. They also contribute to the welfare of Society and the country.

Our NGO is supporting many families who are not able to meet their needs. Hence, this is important to aware people of their hazardous living conditions. All they need is to have equal rights and opportunities for their growth and development. We should come together to help these families. 


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