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Meaning of best NGO Services in India for uplifting poor

NGO Services in Delhi NCR

Relief India Trust provides the best NGO services in Delhi/NCR for uplifting the poor. Low-income families need our support for their survival. We are trying our best to support them in fulfilling their needs. Today in this article we are going to discuss NGO services in Delhi/NCR and their need. We help children kickstart their careers. They are the future of our country and cannot ignore them. 

Roles and NGO services in Delhi/NCR

NGOs are organizations that help underprivileged people in their needs. Their work can improve the life quality of the large scale of people in society. Following are the NGO services in Delhi/NCRthat Relief India Trust follows: –

  • Eradication of poverty
  • Promote Education
  • Protection of the environment
  • Environment Conservation
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Awareness of Human Rights
  • Providing Health and Nutrition
  • Providing Food and Shelter
  • Sanitation for homes
  • Women Empowerment 
  • Child Right Protection
  • Self -Independence of poor families

Volunteers of NGOs identify the problems of poor people and try to resolve the issue. Suppose the families are fighting with hunger, we provide them meals. If they are unable to get education, an education, volunteer to provide them with free education. Volunteers are working selflessly without any self-interest involved. We work because this is our aim to serve the poor people. Due to Covid and other reasons, these families are suffering a lot through our help we try to give them some relief. Our NGO conducts all this help by following the regulations of the Government of India.

Importance of NGOs in India: –

The Importance of NGOs in India is that they help in socio-economic development. Volunteers of our NGO face many challenges, but they never stopped working. They only want to see the relief on troubled faces of poor families. 

Still today in many places, people discriminate against poor people. We try to fill this gap by supporting and helping them. Currently, we are working on the ideology of Protection, Prevention, promotion, and transformation. 

Boost Government Efficiency

If we empower such poor people it helps in boosting the growth of the economy. Volunteers pay concerned about the problems of families and help them out. We work more responsibly to help them in their sustainable growth. Boosting efficiency brings flexibility to the economy.

Empowerment of Women

In working for women’s empowerment, the performance of major NGO functions has come a long way. Fighting sati, dowry, cruelty, and other social threats are very important. Educating women, lowering female feticide, and providing jobs to women is essential. This is one of the best NGO services in Delhi/NCR that need more focus and concern.

Sustainable Development

This region requires the most attention because no one is willing to lower their needs. We have to achieve development without disturbing the needs. Sustainable development will help poor families have a better chance of growth. 

Current situation of the slum: – 

  • Unhygienic conditions of slums
  • Lack of medical facilities in slums
  • Lack of sanitation facilities for slum-dwellers
  • A congested place to live in
  • No access to drinking water and electricity in their houses
  • Most of the inhabitants of the slums can’t be beneficiaries of Govt schemes.
  • Only a few slums are recognized Govt. Conditions in unrecognized slums are even worse.
  • No drainage system. In most slums, wastewater flow in between houses.
  • The few medical facilities available in slums are provided by NGOs.

Causes of the formation of slums:

  • Increasing rural to urban migration.
  • Urban areas are not being improved enough to accommodate the new inhabitants.
  • Poor planning of cities.
  • Poverty and lack of job opportunities in rural areas are the push factors of migration.
  • The high cost of living in urban areas.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Increasing population.
  • Urbanization – Pull factor of rural migration.
  • Social exclusion.
  • Informal economy.
  • Some politicians use slum inhabitants as their vote banks. Though they give fake promises of improving the living conditions, they encourage slums.
  • Social conflicts – civil wars.

Effects on the people living in slums:

  • The reduced life expectancy of slum inhabitants.
  • Health problems due to drinking contaminated water.
  • Environmental pollution brings diseases to them the most.
  • The low standard of living degrades their living standards.
  • Degraded health conditions and lack of money destroy them inside out.
  • Those living in slums get victimized, easily by alcohol and drugs.
  • Slum inhabitants will become the worst victims of natural disasters.
  • Slums breed violence, crime, diseases, epidemics, and psychological illnesses.
  • Preterm births due to insufficient knowledge.
  • Malnutrition in children due to lack of nutritious food.
  • Child labor due to lack of income.
  • No safety for women living in slums due to the high no. of drunkards.

Successful strategies that can help in improving their current situation:

  • Slum upgrading. It improved the slum’s living conditions. But it does not address poverty and low wages in the informal economy.
  • Organized urbanization – Planning & Modifying urban areas to accommodate newcomers.
  • Legitimizing slums instead of driving them out of their homes.
  • Improving job opportunities in rural as well as urban areas.
  • Planning rural development along with urban development.
  • Economic development by bringing equality to society.
  • Better transport facilities from rural to urban areas.
  • Affordable housing in urban areas to help them in their development.

What India is doing:

  • The Govt of India launched the “National Urban Health Mission”. With the motive to improve health care facilities for the urban poor.
  • India implemented “slum upgrading” in a few recognized slums to better their living. 
  • In 2015, the Indian Govt allocated a budget to replace crowded slums with 2 care homes. This helped people in getting a proper place for living along with proper sanitation. 


Besides improving the living conditions in slums, we can work on the causes of slum creation. Distributive development will serve the purpose. And thereby everyone can have a dignified and healthy life. We can together fulfill the need of the poor through NGO services in Delhi/NCR  which is beneficial for them. 

Together we can defeat and support these families. Relief India Trust urges every reader and donor to come forward in making our society the best to live. You can support us by donating to poor families. visit our website for detailed information  You can also visit our social media pages for getting regular updates. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We hope all these points will help you in understanding our work. 


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