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Non Governmental Organizations in India| Fight Hunger & Save Humanity

non-governmental organization in India

To ensure, that no one goes through hunger. The city’s Non-governmental organization in India sticks to the main goal to provide food. The Relief India Trust has been supporting the poorest children and families. We are one of the best NGOs in the city for our services.

Worldwide, 811 million people need more food. As the recent data estimates 45, million individuals in 43 countries are at risk of slipping into starvation. The most degrading type of hunger can lead to death from starvation or disease. No doubt, parts of Yemen, South Sudan, and Madagascar may be near or are now vulnerable to starvation.

Consequences of Poor Diet:-

The consequences of a diet poor in nutrients, minerals, and various supplements are affecting the well-being. As a result, creates a shadowed area over the ultimate fate of networks and entire nations. Our NGO is ready to support these children and families in their hard times as much as possible. We are trying to reduce the level of poverty in India, which will ultimately increase the GDP of our nation.

Enough food is available to care for all on this planet to feed everyone. However, our NGO is aiming for a zero- a hungry world. In addition to this, our NGO is working to prevent harmful mixed drinks. We provide the kids with organic juices and cooked food. As a result, we are now able to feed more than 30000-50000 families each month. Unfortunate children are more likely to have low birth weights. And children living in unfortunate families suffer higher rates of food cravings. This clearly undermines a concrete turn of events. Growing up, people with lower wages experience a higher chance of illnesses, disease, and disabilities.

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of NGOs who are working for the betterment of society. But, our Non-governmental organization in India is one of the best in terms of services. In addition, to this, we provide education to underprivileged children to bring them out from the wheels of poverty.

Case we looked as Non-governmental organizations in India:-

For example, there is a kid named “HARSH” who was suffering from “Malnutrition”. His bodyweight dropped down by 7% from the healthy BMI. The condition of the child deteriorated within a few months. The Relief India Trust clearly, understood the urgency and helped the child’s family. Providing treatment to the child contributes to the betterment of the child’s health. 

We provide counseling sessions for the children at our rehabilitation centers. Many children live on railway tracks. As a result, sometimes unfortunately the kids suffer a lot. Does not matter how bad they got exploited, this leads to hampering their emotional state. The Relief India Trust, a Non-governmental organization in India is ready for helping more such cases. 

As a consequence of poor diet, the kids suffer a lot. And seeing their little kids suffering, their parents suffer too. Besides this case, there are lots of families whom we had supported in their difficult times. For getting more detailed information about different cases you can visit our website. For getting regular updates you can visit our social media sites. Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 



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